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MD Works App
On-demand patient/doctor interaction (SaaS)


This medical app is like no other. Its features make it a breeze to use with an intuitive and extremely minimal navigation, patients of all ages and technical skills are able to quickly begin using the application and taking control of their medical transaction and records.





Minimalistic UI

MDWorks was designed with the easiness of use in mind. Well balanced white space with a simple navigation design that carries you from screen to screen without any complication nor confusion.


Simple Options

The simple features of the MDWorks application take away complicated interfaces and difficult to navigate screens filled with clutter and unnecessary functions.



Fully Responsive Design

MDWorks will look consistently smashing on any browser, screen, or device.




Simple design in today’s oversaturated jungle of complicated interfaces.


MDWorks was designed to accommodate all people of all ages and technology savvy, but especially so for those who don’t deal with technology as much and demand tools that are intuitive and with an almost un-perceptible learning curve.



App Features

MDWorks features include


Easy Navigation

Optimized for intuitive flow throughout the entire application.


Considers the native language, literacy, digital literacy, and digital access of the users as well as potential visual, hearing, motor, and cognitive disabilities.


Extensive research drove the design process throughout the entire project duration.

Color Minded

The powerful use of color theory supports better readability of the information and features of the application.

Ready for Retina Screens

The app looks awesome on high-density Retina displays.

Fast Loading

The quality code is what makes the application work on high-speed performance.

Direct Communication

The app includes a connection with the physician’s virtual visitation system allowing patients to connect directly and efficiently to have consultations with the doctor.

On-demand Documentation

Each patient can now have immediate access to his/her paperwork and medical records.

Friendly Support

On the back end, office staff can update and maintain medical records at the click of a button.