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My Work

My Short Story

I am an Industrial Designer with a passion for UX and Space Architecture, I’m dedicated to the implementation of beautiful solutions to ill-design issues. I enjoy being involved in all facets of the design process and believe in the power of design thinking and its methodologies. My focus is to assist my clients throughout the design development process of new ideas and technologies, from initial concept to final prototype testing and delivery.

I design user experiences to envision and drive innovation with a solid UX understanding and an obsessive eye for visual and interaction detail. My design development is of the highest quality and I effectively manage all changes to projects without unduly affecting its stated objectives, benefits, and overall intent.

I also have a Master of Science in Space Architecture focused on Human-Center Design for space design. I am an avid space exploration enthusiast with the strong belief that UX design propel a new era of space exploration.





Design Philosophy

I am a firm believer that the design+technology fusion hold boundless potential to enhance our human experience. I am drawn to design for its seamless integration of convenience and functionality. Through my work in design, my goal is not just to create, but to inspire and elevate the human experience.


I work with cross-functional teams to deliver functional and impactful design solutions —

A Team of One

I drive a user-centered design philosophy by providing solutions that creatively align with users’ needs and business goals.





I combine design, technology, and business strategy into a unified discipline powerful enough to propel companies forward.

What I do

I build beautiful and thoughtful user-experience solutions. My design philosophy centers on simplicity and functionality. I focus on clean and minimalistic design to create an aesthetic that is both modern and timeless. I aim to elevate your ideas, not outshine them.

Why Work with Me?

I am passionate, driven, and always curious and hungry for new knowledge, making efforts to improve and innovate, each time striving to provide design solutions that are visually impactful for my audience as I aspire to push forward the design practice through my design methodology.

My Clients

I develop gorgeous, memorable products for my clients.